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Yoast WordPress Plugin Offers Crash SEO Course

Yoast SEO Plugin Teaches Publishers SEO Best Practices

The mystical nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) baffles both individuals and large corporations alike.

In a recent post, we listed Yoast SEO as the No. 1 must-have plugin for WordPress.  Plugins offer great technology and ease of use, but few of them can increase a producer’s education like Yoast SEO.

The free version of SEO offers extraordinarily powerful tools to help make your posts attractive to search engine robots.

As you enter a post in WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin guides you through import points to help increase the probability of earning a solid index position.

The image below indicates an example of how Yoast analyzes each post. In this case, we’ve screen-grabbed an example as we built this article. The tool allows you to change your headline and provides an example of how it will appear in search engines.

The focus keyword field is designed to support search terms. The Focus Keyword, Snippet Editor and Page URL title all relate to each other in Yoast’s overall score tally.

The Content Analysis area provides helpful tips to change the little traffic light (located in the upper left corner of the image) from red, to amber to green. A green light usually results in solid search discovery.

The gears button on the left links to tools instructing spiders/robots on your indexing/crawling preferences. Finally, the social link provides more control over your Facebook and Twitter posts and automatically pushes the page once you hit “publish.”

Yoast WordPress Plugin Example

Aside from single-post guidance, Yoast helps you deliver consistent, site-wide best-practices. This screen grab below offers just one of the many options available to ensure consistent and automatic SEO best practices from URL structure to XML site maps, Social and Webmaster tools for all the major search engines. Your site will receive regular updates on errors and broken links, which can damage search rankings.

Yoast WordPress Plugin

For those seeking more tools, Yoast offers a wide array of premium services including website evaluation, tools to help your site index in Google News and SEO training.

Overall, Yoast packs a lot of punch in its free plugin. Producers who regularly build pages using Yoast will soon learn all the techniques available to produce pages with high index visibility. If only Yoast offered a way to solve the “viral” buzzword…