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Reach Consumers, Share Your Company’s Expertise Via E-publishing

Sharing your expertise with an e-book easier than it sounds

CapturePerhaps your organization owns a wealth of subject-matter expertise. Most companies will publish their wealth of data and hide within the deep reaches of their website.

But how many organizations sit on piles of deep subject-matter information and fail to share it with the public?

E-publishing offers companies an opportunity to promote their depth of knowledge while marketing their brand and perhaps driving goodwill or sales generation.

Let’s pretend a sports organization works closely with its athletes on their fitness and well-being. Said group publishes – internally – food recipes, nutritional guidelines for both meals and supplements as well exercises designed to strengthen and prevent injuries.

Publishing this information as part of an e-book provides an inexpensive opportunity to distribute the content the company’s members. It can also be shared with appropriate media outlets and consumers.

What’s the hardest part about e-publishing, you ask?  The answer is formatting. Since much of the content is already organized, it merely requires placement in a platform-ready document.

How do I do that?  Amazon guides publishers through the process and preparation for Kindle. provides a free style guide covering all the various issues with formatting. Following Smashword’s advice results in a transcript prepared for publication across every major e-book platform on the planet. Additionally,  Smashwords will distribute your publication across all the major retail platforms.

Smashwords E-books

Covers drive clicks. Cover art serves as the No. 1a-most important piece of e-publishing. In some way, transcript formatting involves an hour or so of focus between MS Word and Smashword’s style guide If you don’t have graphic skills or your organization lacks a creative department, the cover could be the trickiest part of publishing.

ebook covers

What does your organization provide in terms of expertise that might drive opportunities to connect with consumers? Consumers constantly seek free content, likewise, e-reader manufacturers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble desire free content because it allows their consumers to immediately consume content without having to purchase something right out of the box. Like Amazon Prime video, pre-packaged content creates a feeling of program value for consumers. Tying into that emotion offers a unique opportunity for your brand.