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Five Ways to Stop Freebies

Free's for me

How many organizations still treat their digital properties as throw-ins for non-digital sponsorship deals? Maybe you belong to an organization where the digital end of the business continues to grow, but the in-house sales team really doesn’t understand its value or the organization sees greater value in non-digital dollars and…
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10 Mobile Responsive Thoughts

Stadium Publishing Mobile

You’ve looked at your analytics numbers and can’t help but notice that your audience consumes more of your content on mobile platforms. The next logical question is: Is my site built to address a mobile audience? And the answer to that question is often: Is your site mobile responsive? If…
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Is your email dead?

Future of Email

Here’s a debate for today: Has building a relationship with fans, followers, customers, consumers – whatever you want to call them – become easier or more difficult? The Old Days: Back in the early days of the internet – and we’ve swiftly passed through two decades of this crazy business…
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Proven media veteran can help your business grow!

Digital Media Consulting

Stadium Publishing founder Rich Libero provides 30 years of media experience with a proven track record of building digital teams and processes for major brands such as, and Comcast SportsNet (now NBC Sports Regional Networks). Learn how you can add our experience to your team! Stadium Publishing provides…
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NFL Draft’s Marketing Winners

NFL Draft

Earlier this week we discussed how the NFL wedged its way into the year-round sports conversation. A large part of NFL conversation orbits around the NFL Draft and the annual selection of players offers marketing opportunities for a wide range of beneficiaries. No other sports league can ratchet up opportunities…
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10 Reasons to Love NFL Draft

Draft Day, The Movie

10. No non-sporting event drives four months of discussion and speculation than the NFL Draft. The Draft drives viewership in: The East-West Shrine Game, Senior Bowl. NFL Combine, Pro Days and finally three straight days of actual draft day programming.  And that Draft Day movie with Kevin Costner actually turned…
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How to subdue social media

Eagles Pulse

Many media organizations struggle to find the right balance between marketing their own content and serving their social media “obligations”. Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram accounts rank as table stakes these days. Consider that Tumblr relates to a young demographic and SnapChat is gaining ground and suddenly social media expectations…
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Internship paved way to pros

Nassau Coliseum

The Washington Capitals eliminated the New York Islanders Monday night in the seventh game of their opening-round Stanley Cup playoff series. The match took place in Washington and the result means the Islanders’ Game 6 victory marked their final match at the venerable Nassau Coliseum. The Islanders will open next…
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NFL Embodies Modern Media

NFL Draft

How does a sport with a 16-week regular season manage to wedge itself into the sports conversation for nearly 10 months of the year? The National Football League transformed its off-season gradually over the past 20-something years to the point where fans demand instant gratification and updates on their favorite…
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