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Making Great Green Screen Videos For Cheap!

Imagine a local sports team is playing in the Super Bowl and you can’t afford to send talent on the road. There’s nothing stopping you from being their virtually!

With green screen video technology you can position your talent in front of the stadium, on the field or any other location you want them to appear on. Additionally, unlike a one-time travel expense, once you set up the process, you can produce stunning videos as many times you like.

If you want to create in-house video with great backgrounds and potential for sponsorship and branding, you can get the job done for less than $2,000.

What’s green screen video technology?

“Chroma key” or green screen is a backdrop used behind your talent. Editors can use digital post-editing software in a variety of ways including putting studio backdrops, locations, logos, sponsorship tools such as locations, products or logos.

What do you need to get started?

Green Screen and Lighting Kit: Lighting if the most important aspect of chroma key as shadows can be difficult to edit out after the shoot. But kits are amazingly low-cost.

Just search for Green Screen Lighting Kit on Google. You’ll see kits like these. This particular set lists for just $178 and includes everything you see in the picture — including light bulbs!

Green Screen Lighting Kit

Make sure you have plenty of room for the camera and the ability to stretch your green backdrop drum-tight.

And remember: Talent shouldn’t wear green or blue when on-set!

Cameras and Accessories: A Digital Single Lens Reflex or “DSLR” camera can serve in the dual role of snapping photos and recording video. They cost anywhere from $250 on up. A mid-range model is all you need. Make sure you can plug in mics for sound, USB’s, memory sticks and batteries.

In the Accessory department, you’ll need a tri-pod, extension cords, electrical power strips and extended microphone cords. For mics, you can use stick mics or “Lavalier” or “lav” mics that attach unobtrusively to shirt collars. Lavs help on-set talent got hands free, which can be especially useful when doing the weather or sitting at a studio desk.

Tripods can be found for less than $50 and lav mics can range from $20-150 depending on quality. Make sure your lav and can jack into your DLSR.



Editing Software: The final piece to puzzle is software. Editors will need Adobe Premier Pro (around $600-700). There are other editing packages out there that might cost more or less money, but Adobe Premiere if widely used. Editors can learn Chroma Key technique in about 20 minutes while watching a tutorial on YouTube.

You can also use Chroma Key for Live Streaming as well.

Plus up the quality of your video today!

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