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Four Ways to use Green Screen Video

In our last post we discussed how to set up an affordable “green screen” or “Chroma Key” studio for your media operations.

So now that you have this fancy studio capability, how do you make money?

The primary notion involves creating a more polished, professional look for your talent and overall video production operations. The beauty of green screen orbits around the ability to create different backdrops, locations and studio sets. There’s no reason to build or get locked into a fixed set.

Four ways to make use of this tech:

1. Sponsorship —  Aside from pre-roll video, professional video operations offer quick opening graphics containing your company’s brand and the show’s title. It’s also a great place for a presenting or title sponsorship. Once into the video, the ability to build in further sponsor branding, titling or products becomes possible.
studio sponsorship

2. On-location Shoots —  Can’t afford to travel your personnel or want to create the appearance of having a “bureau” in a certain location? Changing the location backdrop is a snap. Your talent could appear in front of the White House one day and the Vatican the next. Additionally, it’s a great way to put talent at sponsor locations without having to set up a remote shoot.

3. Virtual Sets — Create the illusion of a polished studio set. You can purchase graphics that can make your talent appear in a state-of-the-art facility. This is great for news outlets and educational lectures.

4. Marketing/Partner Support — Shoot a talent, athlete, etc. in a variety of poses, have them read lines, etc. Once you capture these pieces of content on green screen you can tailor them to suite your needs. As an example: Capture an athlete swinging a bat or tossing a ball. The athlete can then be placed on top of any background or branding along with associated graphics. It’s great for multiple marketing campaigns, distributions and serving partner needs.

Pretty good reasons to use this technology, right?

If you think it’s difficult, it’s not. Check out this tutorial on using Chromakey in Adobe Premiere. If you or anyone on your team already edits video, they can start to use these techniques by simply following this and many other tutorials on YouTube. So as an added savings, there’s free training already online!