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5 Great Plug-Ins for your WordPress Site

Free plug-ins make an impact

WordPress provides one of the easiest-to-use, intuitive Content Management Systems on the internet today.

WP’s open-source nature places a myriad of services and technologies at your fingertips through “plug-ins.” These plug-ins help low- to mid-level site managers achieve feats ordinarily reserved for developers. Most of these plug-ins come are free while others offer a wide-range of capabilities with an option to upgrade to “premium” tools.

Here’s 5 WordPress plug-ins geared to enhance the power of your website.

1. YoastSEO: Available in free and premium editions. The free edition provides a wealth of SEO tools to help your site build friendly and regular relationships with search engine robots.

Each time you create a new page or post, Yoast SEO appears at the bottom of the page creation section and helps guide you through all the correct SEO steps. By going through this process you’ll learn whether you’ve created a post with Poor, Weak or Good SEO protocols. The plug-in explains all the things required for a “good” rating. It’s an eye-opening exercise in Permalinks, Headlines, Body Copy and Meta Data.

2. Jetpack: Running your WordPress without Jetpack compares to running your car without tires.

Jetpack links your site to an array of services including mobile treatments, Akismet spam commentary, caching tools, site protection, analytics, etc. If you run multiple WordPress sites, Jetpack helps you tie them all together through single sign-on. From there you can add plug-ins or institute template changes among a host of options. Extremely valuable and handy.


3. AdSense Explosion: If you have a Google AdSense account, Adsense Explosion offers super-simple tools to embed a variety of AdSense ad sizes onto your site.

4. Social Stream: Want to create a social media wall or feed page? Social Stream helps pull in feeds from hashtags among a variety of social sources including Twitter and Instagram.

Social Stream Chiefs

5. All in One Webmaster This plug-in helps organize site maps, submissions and more conversations/relationships with search engines. Addtionally, the plug-in assists with Google Authorship, adding code to Headers/Footers so you don’t have to mess with code files and SiteMap submissions among other things.

AIO Webmaster

Stadium Publishing uses WordPress to power its network of over 30 sites. It’s clearly the easiest, most flexible way to run a digital business.