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Five Ways to Stop Freebies

How many organizations still treat their digital properties as throw-ins for non-digital sponsorship deals?

Maybe you belong to an organization where the digital end of the business continues to grow, but the in-house sales team really doesn’t understand its value or the organization sees greater value in non-digital dollars and basically just chucks in digital rights to close the sponsorship deal.

Bottom line: Today’s digital world offers additional dollars and opportunity for in-house sponsors as well as vacant sponsor categories.

Here’s five approaches a company can take toward better utilizing its digital inventory:

#5: Ask the sales team about the value of the digital throw in. The reason: How can your team ensure its properly targeting and promoting the sponsor’s message across your platforms? Are you delivering and meeting KPI’s? How can you balance in-house marketing or additional sponsor requirements?

#4: Audit yourself. How much inventory is going to waste? In other words, is unsold inventory being used for something other than the sponsor and in-house marketing or e-commerce? Is it worth seeking a third party or remnant seller to fill up the empty space?

#3: Can you create or package inventory in a new way that makes it more attractive to new sponsors? The sales team can cite the digital platform as a “toe-in-the-water” opportunity for a prospective partner. Look at your content publishing opportunities and design “tent pole” plan that identifies special packages or high-traffic periods and…sell them!

#2: If your site offers video are you taking advantage of high video CPM’s and trafficking pre-rolls? Video advertising provides a sexier section of inventory for sponsors, corporate partners and in-house advertising. The trick: Talk your partners into delivering 15-second spots.

#1: Set up a tiered system of sponsorships so your sales team knows exactly what it has to offer.
The tiers keep inventory nice and neat while avoiding “customized” packages that require resources and occasionally cost. Maybe your digital platform has its own P&L, maybe it doesn’t, but the sales team should be able to quantify digital inventory and assign it to a larger partnership package.

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