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10 Reasons to Love NFL Draft

10. No non-sporting event drives four months of discussion and speculation than the NFL Draft. The Draft drives viewership in: The East-West Shrine Game, Senior Bowl. NFL Combine, Pro Days and finally three straight days of actual draft day programming.  And that Draft Day movie with Kevin Costner actually turned out to be pretty good.

9. You can watch the event on two different networks – ESPN and NFL Network – and receive a wide range of opinions.

8. The Draft has its own lexicon. Fifteen years ago, did anyone outside of pro or college football know about a “Three Technique”?

7. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda: Your favorite organization is either genius (the Patriots) or completely inept (almost every other team except the Patriots).

Drew Brees

Hindsight ranks Drew Brees as better than a 32nd overall selection

6. Mike Mayock’s serious, no-nonsense approach actually sets up his on-set partners for humor. He’s the ultimate straight man.

5. If we placed our politicians under this much scrutiny and accountability, we might have a government that’s actually less corrupt and somewhat useful.

4. Learning about your team’s mid- and late-round picks can be akin to unwrapping Christmas presents. Most of the times you have no idea about any of these players’ potential value or skill sets, but by Sunday night you’ll be able to recite them from memory.

3. Watching the same teams make the same mistakes year after year after year.

2. Mel Kiper’s hair. Would love to see his hair helmet receive a crash-test rating.

1. This addicting draft-oriented GM-style game has me thinking about my team and the Draft on a daily basis.

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