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10 Mobile Responsive Thoughts

You’ve looked at your analytics numbers and can’t help but notice that your audience consumes more of your content on mobile platforms.

The next logical question is: Is my site built to address a mobile audience?

And the answer to that question is often: Is your site mobile responsive?

If your property isn’t geared for a mobile audience we present 10 points your company should either ask or consider:

10. When are your customers visiting your site? What’s attracting them?

9. Are your customers “grazing” for content updates? If so, can you satisfy their frequency needs?

8. Yes, tablets also count as mobile, but they present different screen sizes and options. With tablet sales dropping do you need to worry about these resolutions or is a desktop model good enough for tablet? You decide.

7. Does your site contain complicated graphics or data fields that require manipulation? If so, can customers navigate and use those tools on a browser-based mobile version? Is an app a better route?

6. Don’t confuse “mobile responsive” with an app. A mobile game plan must tackle the browser world first and look at the app as a complimentary version of your property.

5. If you are considering an app-first approach to mobile consider expense. Apps require build-outs, maintenance and present marketing and monetization challenges. The ever-changing world of mobile platforms means you’ll have to update your app at least once a year to keep pace with  evolving technology.

4. Do you have a great site icon for your property? Customers who bookmark your site to their “quick access” area are more likely to treat your site like an app.

3. How will you integrate social and commentary into a mobile environment? Is it an important component?

2. What’s your ad inventory plan? A mobile-responsive version of your site triggers reviews to your tiered sponsorship packages. How is the shift to the mobile platform affecting your sponsorship deals and numbers? If you want to maintain sponsorship dollars and deliver on KPI’s, put a mobile sponsor inventory plan in place.

1. Video is the cash-cow of the sponsorship world. Many sites force ads upon consumers through autostart video. However, mobile-responsive platforms require click-throughs for video starts. How will you engage your mobile customers with video?