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Digital Media Consulting

Stadium Publishing founder Rich Libero provides 30 years of media experience with a proven track record of building digital teams and processes for major brands such as, and Comcast SportsNet (now NBC Sports Regional Networks). Learn how you can add our experience to your team! Stadium Publishing provides…
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Reach Consumers, Share Your Company’s Expertise Via E-publishing

Sharing your expertise with an e-book easier than it sounds Perhaps your organization owns a wealth of subject-matter expertise. Most companies will publish their wealth of data and hide within the deep reaches of their website. But how many organizations sit on piles of deep subject-matter information and fail to…
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Yoast WordPress Plugin Offers Crash SEO Course

Yoast WordPress Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin Teaches Publishers SEO Best Practices The mystical nature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) baffles both individuals and large corporations alike. In a recent post, we listed Yoast SEO as the No. 1 must-have plugin for WordPress.  Plugins offer great technology and ease of use, but few of…
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5 Great Plug-Ins for your WordPress Site

Word Press Plugins

Free plug-ins make an impact WordPress provides one of the easiest-to-use, intuitive Content Management Systems on the internet today. WP’s open-source nature places a myriad of services and technologies at your fingertips through “plug-ins.” These plug-ins help low- to mid-level site managers achieve feats ordinarily reserved for developers. Most of…
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Four Ways to use Green Screen Video

In our last post we discussed how to set up an affordable “green screen” or “Chroma Key” studio for your media operations. So now that you have this fancy studio capability, how do you make money? The primary notion involves creating a more polished, professional look for your talent and…
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Making Great Green Screen Videos For Cheap!

Green Screen Studio

Imagine a local sports team is playing in the Super Bowl and you can’t afford to send talent on the road. There’s nothing stopping you from being their virtually! With green screen video technology you can position your talent in front of the stadium, on the field or any other…
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Forget FIFA! 5 Positive Soccer Books


The big news in soccer (football) today involves the arrest of several high-ranking FIFA officials on all sorts of misconduct charges. FIFA and corruption seem to run hand in hand – in either reality, suspicion or conspiracy theories. Thinking about it all, including how in the heck they’ll play the…
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About Us

About Rich Libero, CEO (Content Execution Officer): Stadium Publishing founder Rich Libero remembers those summer days in his childhood, reading the sports section with friends on the front stoop of his parents’ suburban home. “We’d pore over the baseball standings; discuss the state of those mid-70’s Yankees teams,” Libero recalls….
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5 Psychological Tips Attract Customers

When conjuring a mental picture of the internet, my mind wanders back to a strip of Route 9W in West Haverstraw, NY. Back in the 1970’s I remember the installation of the first McDonald’s. Jack in the Box operated across the street and Pizza Hut just down the road. Kentucky…
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Individual Distribution Channels aka People

The recent Facebook partnership with major publishing brands signals yet another shift in mainstream media. What the heck is going on in this crazy media world? POWER TO THE PEOPLE: The old buzz phrase “Content is King” may still remain as a credo, but consumers make kings. Consumers can be…
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